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Are you a home user experiencing difficulties in installing software for a game, camera, printer, or other device? Please contact your manufacturer or software vendor.

If you are an experienced Windows user and would like to try to resolve an installation issue on your own, you may find the information you need here.

InstallShield is not the software or device you are attempting to install. Thousands of software makers, game companies, device manufacturers, and other companies license InstallShield to make it easy to install their software on a computer or device. Because of this, it is best to contact the vendor or manufacturer of your software product, game, or device directly about any installation issue you may experience.

What Is the InstallShield Wizard?
What Is Ikernel? Why Do I Need It?
What Is the Registry?
What Is a DLL?
Is This Site for Me?
What Is the Windows Installer Engine? Why Do I Need It?
Who Is a Developer?

The best way to solve installation problems is to contact the company that built your installation. Find out how to contact your software vendor for specific solutions to your installation issue.
The Update

Software updates are an essential part of software use. By regularly updating the software you use, you stay current with the most recent software version, bug fixes, feature enhancements, and critical information you need to run your software efficiently and safely.

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The solutions listed below are for common installation errors. For solutions specific to your software's installation, please contact your software vendor.

Error -1607: Unable to Install InstallShield Scripting Run Time
Setup Is Unable To Find or Update ISScript.msi
Run-Time Error 1647
Unhandled Exception 0x80040707
InstallShield is the most popular choice for installation-development tools. Software vendors purchase InstallShield products and use them to build your installation.
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