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Flexera Software, the makers of InstallShield, creates installation tools that thousands of software vendors use to distribute software to you, their customers. About 80% of the Windows installations built in the world are built with InstallShield software, so most of the applications you install on your home computer use an InstallShield product.

Flexera Software, as a company, does not build your installation. Rather, a software vendor buys an InstallShield product and uses our product to distribute software to you. Because we didn't create your software's installation, we aren't always able to fix problems that occur during your installation. But this site is our effort to help you, our customer's customers, resolve any issues you may encounter while installing software on your home computer.

We have posted the most common solutions and will continue to identify areas where consumers have problems with installations. If you don't find an answer on the Consumer Central site, please contact your software vendor. The software vendor built your software's installation and will have more information on the specifics of the installation. For more information on contacting your vendor, visit the Who to Contact page.

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