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This site addresses the most common issues encountered while installing software. Some issues, however, have to be fixed by the maker of your software. The vendor of your software used an InstallShield product as a tool to create the installation you are having difficulties with. Unfortunately, because InstallShield did not create the install, we are unable to troubleshoot your issue without the actual project that your software vendor used.

If you do not find an answer in Consumer Central, there are a number of ways to resolve your problem:

  • Visit the Software Vendor’s Web Site: Software vendors often provide answers to questions in the Support sections of their Web sites. Additionally, check the Web site for any product documentation such as Help or Readme files.
  • View the Readme File: Most software manufacturers include a readme.txt file with their installations. The readme.txt file may contain information on installing the software, including answers to common installation problems. If you are installing software from a CD, you can view the readme file as follows:
    1. Double-click My Computer.
    2. Double-click the drive that contains the CD.
    3. Double-click the readme.txt file.
  • Contact Your Software Vendor Directly: Most manufacturers have contact information on the package or in the documentation for the product. If you are installing software from a CD, contact information may also be found in the readme.txt file located on the CD. If you have downloaded software from the Internet, the Web site you downloaded the software from should contain contact information. When you contact your vendor, be prepared to tell your vendor:
    • The error message you received or details of the problem you are experiencing
    • Information regarding your computer, such as operating system and disk space
    • The steps you have taken to fix the problem, including visiting Consumer Central
    • It may also be helpful to take a screenshot of the error you are having and send it to your software manufacturer. For instructions, see How to Take a Screenshot?
If your software vendor is unable to provide you with a solution to your installation problem, encourage the company to contact InstallShield so that together we can determine a solution to your installation problem.

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